Viewing the discovery history

Each time that a discovery is run, the Data Management Portal updates the discovery activity and error information that is displayed in the History pane.

You can view the discovery history, including the associated activity and error information, in the History pane. By default, information about the last ten discoveries is displayed.

It might take a long time to retrieve and display the discovery history in the History pane. As an alternative, consider using the Sensor Done Events by Run BIRT report.

To view a discovery history, complete the following steps from the Data Management Portal:

  1. In the Functions pane, click Discovery > History.
    The History pane is displayed.
  2. To display information about a discovery, select an entry in the table.
    A second table of data is displayed. This table provides a list of sensors and the host name, IP address, date, status, and description for each sensor.
  3. To display the scopes that are included in the discovery, click Scope Details. The Scope List window is displayed.
    To close the Scope List window, click Close.
  4. To display information about an event, select the event and click Event Details. The Discovery Event window is displayed.
    To close the Discovery Event window, click Close.