Configuring the IBM License Metric Tool log files

By default, the SLM files are stored in the directory /opt/IBM/taddm/dist/slmTag on UNIX and UNIX-like systems and in directory C:\IBM\taddm\dist\slmTag on Windows. You can configure the properties of these files.

The configuration settings are located at:
You can configure the following properties:
  • <param name="maxFileSize" value="${filesize}" />

    Maximum size of a SLM tag file, before a rotation is performed. The default size is 20 MB.

  • <param name="maxBackupIndex" value="${backupIndex}" />

    Maximum number of SLM tag archive files to keep in rotation. The default number is 5.

  • <priority value="${logLevel}"/>

    Change the logging level of slmTag.log files. The default log level is Debug. SLM tag log files are stored in directory $COLLATION_HOME/log/slmTag/.