Access list

You can create access list entries with a location tag assigned.

The location tag attribute is obligatory but can be changed later. The credentials are filtered by location, that is why only the access entries for specific locations are used. This limits the possibility of sniffing the password from other customers or locations. If you run discovery without a location tag, none of the tagged credentials are used.

When a new access entry is added with the location tag set to the asterisk character (*), it is used as the last access entry that is tried during a discovery while establishing a session to the endpoint.

The asterisk character (*) is the default value and can be changed by setting the following parameter:
In such case, the access entry with the GLOBAL tag is the last one that is tried when running a discovery. The preceding location tag is used only for the access list and has no influence on location tags that are assigned to CIs that are discovered during a discovery.