Synchronization server deployment

The synchronization server is used in large enterprise environments, and it unifies the data from individual IBM® Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager (TADDM) domains.

synchronization server
A TADDM server that synchronizes discovery data from all domain servers in the enterprise and has its own database. This server does not discover data directly.
synchronization server deployment
A TADDM deployment with a synchronization server and two or more domain server deployments, each of which has its own local database.

In this type of deployment, the synchronization server copies discovery data from multiple domain servers one domain at a time in a batched synchronization process.

In a synchronization server deployment, the following TADDM server property must be set to the following value:

This type of deployment is obsolete. Therefore, in a new TADDM deployment where more than one server is needed, use the streaming server deployment. A synchronization server can be converted to become a primary storage server for a streaming server deployment.

Figure 1 illustrates the synchronization server deployment.

Figure 1. Synchronization server deployment
Synchronization server deployment showing the information flow between multiple domain servers (each of which has a database) and the synchronization server with its database