Log Analyzer

With the Log Analyzer, you can gather system and performance data from local and remote systems.

You can use the Log Analyzer to create resource sets. Resource sets are sets of definitions that contain the path locations of the logs that you need to examine and the levels of information that they contain. You can keep customized definitions to reuse. The definitions provide the same set of instructions about where to find a log, and what kind of information to gather from the log, saving time during subsequent log imports.

Using the Log Analyzer, you can also download and store symptom database catalogs to your local system. These catalogs provide detailed diagnostic solutions to a variety of scenarios, which can give direction to your troubleshooting tasks.

If you use TADDM with IBM® Tivoli® Change and Configuration Management Database (CCMDB) or IBM SmartCloud Control Desk rather than as a stand-alone application, see the CCMDB or SmartCloud Control Desk documentations for information about how to start and use the Log Analyzer from the CCMDB or IBM SmartCloud Control Desk applications and from the Integrated Solutions Console.