Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) dependency

TADDM relies on Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) to discover Windows computer systems. TADDM can be configured to restart the WMI service if a problem occurs with WMI. If the WMI service is restarted, all WMI-dependent services that were running before the restart are also restarted.

The following TADDM server properties control the restarting of WMI.
Note: The default value for WMI restart is false. Setting the values of the following properties to true might provide more reliable Windows discovery, but you must also consider the potential negative impact of the WMI service being temporarily stopped and restarted.
  • com.collation.RestartWmiOnAutoDeploy=false
  • com.collation.RestartWmiOnAutoDeploy.
  • com.collation.RestartWmiOnFailure=false
  • com.collation.RestartWmiOnFailure.

For more information about the TADDM server properties that the Windows computer system sensor uses, see Configuring the file entries.