TADDM server properties reference

The collation.properties file contains properties for the TADDM server. You can edit some of these properties.

The collation.properties file is located in the $COLLATION_HOME/etc directory. The file contains comments about each of the properties.

If you update the collation.properties file, you must save the file and restart the server for the change to take effect.

Scoped and non-scoped properties

The collation.properties file contains two types of properties: scoped and non-scoped.
scoped property
A property to which you can append either an IP address or the name of a scope set. The IP address or the scope set name makes the property dependent on the host that is being discovered. You can use only scope set names that do not contain spaces, apostrophes ('), periods (.), and forward slashes (/).
non-scoped property
A property that you cannot restrict to be specific to an object.
For example, the following properties are non-scoped properties:
  • com.collation.log.filesize
  • com.collation.discover.agent.command.lsof.Linux
However, the com.collation.discover.agent.command.lsof.Linux property can be a scoped property if you append either an IP address or a scope set name to the property, as shown in the following examples:
  • Example of appending the IP address
    com.collation.discover.agent.command.lsof.Linux. lsof
  • Example of appending a scope set named scope1:
    com.collation.discover.agent.command.lsof.Linux.scope1=sudo lsof