Guidelines for installing multiple TADDM servers

Use the following guidelines to install multiple TADDM server instances on one workstation. Only the latest server is recognized as a system service.

  • Specify either different listening interfaces for each instance or at least different ports for each service.
  • On UNIX systems, install each instance as a different user.
  • Only the latest TADDM instance can be automatically configured as a service. Configure other instances as system services manually by completing the following steps:

    For UNIX:

    1. As root, copy the /etc/init.d/collation file and rename it. The name of the file reflects the service name.
    2. As root, edit the file and set the following values to match the instance that you want to configure as a system service:
      • USER

    For Windows:

    1. Go to the dist\support\jservice directory of a TADDM instance that you want to install as a system service.
    2. Edit the CDTService.cfg file and set the following values to match the new service:
      • serviceDisplayName
      • serviceName
      • description
    3. Run the following command to install the service:
      jservice.exe -i CDTService.cfg