SMS server sensor

The SMS server sensor discovers the Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS).

Sensor name that is used in the GUI and logs



The sensor does not discover information about SMS Server client computer systems as CDM ComputerSystem instances but instead as CDM SMSCollectionClients instances.

Therefore, the discovery of an SMS Server cannot be used in place of direct discovery of the hosts that are part of the SMS Server infrastructure.

Model objects created

The sensor creates the following model objects:

  • app.sms.SMSAdvertizements
  • app.sms.SMSCollections
  • app.sms.SMSCollectionClients
  • app.sms.SMSHierarchy
  • app.sms.SMSPackage
  • app.sms.SMSProgram
  • app.sms.SMSQuery
  • app.sms.SMSReports
  • app.sms.SMSResource
  • app.sms.SMSServerProcess
  • app.sms.SMSSiteBoundaries
  • app.sms.SMSSiteComponents
  • app.sms.SMSSiteServer