Microsoft Cluster sensor

The Microsoft Cluster sensor discovers a Microsoft Windows Server cluster installation. The sensor discovers only server clusters (includes a process known as failover) and not Network Load Balancing clusters. The sensor discovers the nodes, resources, and resource groups on the cluster.

Sensor name that is used in the GUI and logs



The MS Cluster sensor requires:

  • Successful discovery of Windows computer systems
  • The Cluster Server ClusSvc service, must be running
  • Using the TADDM Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) provider, WMI read access to the root/mscluster namespace must be granted. If the discovery of the Windows computer systems succeeded, this WMI read access is granted by default. Administrative-level access is preferable.


The scope of discovery must contain the IP address of at least one of the MS Cluster nodes or mention the cluster IP address. A node is any computer that is part of the cluster.