JBoss server sensor

JBoss sensor discovers version of a JBoss installation and collects data for the server. It can be used to discover JBoss AS versions 4, 5, and 6.

Sensor name that is used in the GUI and logs

JBossVersionSensor, JBossSensor


The following prerequisites must be met:

  • Discovery of the computer system must succeed.
  • JMX must be enabled on the JBoss server.
  • If the JMX is protected by password, the credentials must be entered in the access list.

The JBoss sensor requires JAR files that are part of the JBoss Server installation. You must copy the JAR files to the following directories ($COLLATION_HOME) on the TADDM server.

For JBoss AS 4:
  • lib/jboss/402/jbossall-client.jar, lib/jboss/402/jnpserver.jar
  • lib/jboss/402/jboss-jmx.jar
For JBoss AS 5:
  • lib/jboss/5/jboss-client.jar
  • lib/jboss/5/jnp-client.jar
  • lib/jboss/5/jboss-logging-spi.jar
  • lib/jboss/5/jboss-security-spi.jar
  • lib/jboss/5/jboss-common-core.jar
  • lib/jboss/5/jboss-javaee.jar
  • lib/jboss/5/jmx-invoker-adaptor-client.jar
  • lib/jboss/5/jbosssx-client.jar
  • lib/jboss/5/jboss-integration.jar
  • lib/jboss/5/jboss-serialization.jar
  • lib/jboss/5/jboss-remoting.jar
  • lib/jboss/5/jboss-jca.jar
For JBoss AS 6:
  • lib/jboss/6/jboss-client.jar
  • lib/jboss/6/jnp-client.jar
  • lib/jboss/6/jboss-logging.jar
  • lib/jboss/6/jboss-security-spi.jar
  • lib/jboss/6/jboss-common-core.jar
  • lib/jboss/6/jmx-invoker-adaptor-client.jar
  • lib/jboss/6/jbosssx-client.jar
  • lib/jboss/6/jboss-integration.jar
  • lib/jboss/6/jboss-serialization.jar
  • lib/jboss/6/jboss-remoting.jar
  • lib/jboss/6/jboss-jca.jar


Important: JBoss AS 6 is supported from TADDM 7.2.2 Fix Pack 1.

If a discovery of a JBoss version via a JMX connection fails, JBossVersionSensor uses the SSH session for discovery. The sensor does not discover the content of JBoss and the model objects are not created.

For JBoss ManagedConnectionFactories, the JDBC XA data source properties are not discovered by the sensor. As a result, the transactional dependencies between JBoss server and the database servers that are denoted by such data sources are not created.

Model objects created

The sensor creates the following model objects:

  • app.AppServer
  • app.j2ee.J2EEServer
  • app.j2ee.jboss.JBossCluster
  • app.j2ee.jboss.JBossDomain
  • app.j2ee.jboss.JBossJMSServer
  • app.j2ee.jboss.JBossServer