IBM DB2 sensor

The IBM® DB2® sensor discovers IBM DB2 Universal Database (UDB) servers.

Sensor name that is used in the GUI and logs

Db2Sensor and Db2WindowsSensor


The sensor assumes the following prerequisites:

  • Discovery of the computer system must succeed.
  • DB2 must be installed in the instance owner's home directory.

Security issues

The DB2 user credentials must belong to the DB2 administration group.

Discovery is performed by using shell scripts that run the following DB2 commands:

Command line processor invocation command
List instances command
DB2 profile registry command
License management tool command
Show DB2 service level command
get dbm cfg


Incorrect characters can be discovered if you are using a 32-bit DB2 on a 64-bit Windows operating system. This character encoding problem is due to a limitation of the 64-bit Windows operating system, which hides commands such as chcp from 32-bit applications such as the db2cmd.exe program.

If more than one version of DB2 is installed on the same Windows computer system, the sensor cannot discover the IBM DB2 Universal Database (UDB) server.

TADDM runs the topology building process on a periodic basis. Until the topology building process has completed after a discovery, the database names that are displayed for remote systems might not be unique. After the topology build process has completed, the database name contains both the port number and the IP address of the remote database.

Model objects created

The sensor creates the following model objects:

  • app.db.db2.Db2AdminServer
  • app.db.db2.Db2Alias
  • app.db.db2.Db2BufferPool
  • app.db.db2.Db2ConfigValue
  • app.db.db2.Db2Container
  • app.db.db2.Db2Database
  • app.db.db2.Db2DatabaseConfigValue
  • app.db.db2.Db2Instance
  • app.db.db2.Db2InstanceConfigValue
  • app.db.db2.Db2Module
  • app.db.db2.Db2Schema
  • app.db.db2.Db2Server
  • app.db.db2.Db2ServerProcess
  • app.db.db2.Db2System
  • app.db.db2.Db2SystemConfigValue
  • app.db.db2.Db2TableSpace