Custom application server sensor

The custom application server sensor creates a custom application server that is based on template and runtime process information that is discovered by the generic server sensor. The sensor also collects configuration files or application descriptors if these are specified in the template and performs extension processing to collect additional information.

Sensor name that is used in the GUI and logs



To discover configuration files, the sensor requires that the cksum program and associated libraries are installed on the target operating system.


The following limitations apply:
  • The sensor cannot be run in script-based discovery.
  • The same limitations as for the Generic server sensor apply.

Model objects created

The following model objects are used to create generic AppServers:

  • app.AppServer
  • app.db.DatabaseServer
  • app.j2ee.J2EESever
  • app.web.WebServer

The following model objects are used to extend TADDM application sensors:

  • app.db.db2.Db2Server
  • app.db.mssql.SqlServer
  • app.j2ee.jboss.JBossServer
  • app.j2ee.weblogic.WebLogicServer
  • app.j2ee.websphere.WebSphereServer
  • app.sms.SMSiteServer
  • app.veritas.cluster.VCSCluster
  • app.web.apache.ApacheServer
  • app.web.iis.IIsWebServer
  • app.web.iplanet.IPlanetServer