Enabling JDBC driver discovery

If you want to discover JDBC driver information, you must enable the WebSphere® JDBC driver sensor.

To enable the WebSphere JDBC driver sensor, complete the following steps:
  1. Create a Level 3 discovery profile.
  2. For the WebSphere cell sensor, enable the deepDiscoveryLevel configuration item.
  3. Enable the WebSphere JDBC driver sensor in the new discovery profile.
  4. Set the appropriate configuration options for the WebSphere JDBC driver sensor. The following configuration options are available:
    • You can configure for a prefix to be added to every command run by the WebSphere JDBC driver sensor on the target host. You can configure a different prefix for UNIX and Windows systems. By default, a prefix is not defined.
    • You can configure for the sensor to remove the OracleUtility file after discovery completes. The OracleUtility file is an auxiliary file used by TADDM on target hosts to discover JDBC driver information for Oracle databases. By default, the OracleUtility file is not removed.