Asynchronous and script-based discovery support

The Solaris computer system sensor supports asynchronous and script-based discovery.

Sensor configuration requirements

For asynchronous discovery, the sensor requires no configuration.

For information about configuring for script-based discovery, see Configuring for script-based discovery.

Access list configuration requirements

For asynchronous discovery, the access list is not used.

For script-based discovery, the access list configuration is the same as for a nonscript-based discovery.


Some function that is provided by the Solaris computer system sensor during a nonscript-based discovery is not supported in an asynchronous or script-based discovery.

The following functions are not supported:
  • Computer system templates and extensions
  • Deep Level 2 discovery
  • Zone discovery
The following attributes are not supported:
  • L2Interface
    • AutoNegotiation
    • Speed
    • Duplex
  • ComputerSystem (global zone)
    • Virtual
    • ChildSystem
    • VMID
    • CPUCoresInstalled
    • CPUDiesInstalled
  • ComputerSystem (local zone)
    • Virtual
    • HostSystem
    • VMID
    • CPUCoresInstalled
    • CPUDiesInstalled