Failure scenarios and their resolutions

These are the common errors, that can be occurred during Integration Plugin initialization:

Encryption exception

Exception: Did not get the api session com.collation.platform.util.FIPSEncryptionException: CTJOP0165E"An IO error occurred while loading the TADDM cryptographic key". security/ (No such file or directory).

  1. Integration Plugin and TADDM both are installed on same machine, set taddmHome path at <Integrationplugin path>/resources/taddm_snow/
  2. If Integration Plugin is installed on a different machine, validate present at <Integrationplugin path>/security/etc location.
  3. If not, copy from TADDM machine and locate at <Integrationplugin path>/security/etc location on Integration Plugin installed machine.
Credential not found Error

Error: [TSI] Credential not found.

Resolution: Configure Access list for ServiceNow credentials.

Connection failed with target retry

Error: [TSI] Connection failed with target retry count 5.

Resolution: Login to TADDM Discovery Management Console and validate whether the correct ServiceNow credentials are configured in Discovery > Access List and valid Instance URL is configured in /resources/taddm_snow/