Reporting with Tivoli Common Reporting

As viewing BIRT reports in BIRT Report Viewer is not safe and is disabled by default, you can import the BIRT reports for TADDM into Tivoli® Common Reporting. It enables cross-product reporting that includes TADDM data. You can also use Tivoli Common Reporting features such as report scheduling, or use Tivoli Common Reporting as a central repository for reports.

Fix Pack
9Note: Tivoli Common Reporting (All versions) that is a service of IBM® Jazz® for Service Management (JazzSM), is no longer supported because the bundled version of IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence (BI) V10.x is out of support. For more details, see .

You can use IBM Cognos Analytics 11 to import TADDM model and create custom reports. You can also import predefined TADDM For more details, see Reporting with IBM Cognos Analytics..

BIRT reports are not supported in IBM Cognos Analytics 11.

For some tasks, the steps you must complete differ depending on the version of Tivoli Common Reporting that you are using or the database that you are using.

Fix Pack
1 If you have TADDM 7.3 Fix Pack 1, or later, see also best practices guide The enhanced Cognos model in TADDM 7.3 FPx.