For each sensor, this reference includes overview information, and if applicable for the respective sensor, also includes configuration and troubleshooting information. For some sensors, information about the attributes that are associated with the model objects is also included. Where attributes are included, the attributes are available in the IBM® Tivoli Common Data Model (CDM) but are not necessarily shown in the IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager (TADDM) UI.

Sensors and supported target systems

For the list of the TADDM sensors and the supported versions of target systems that they can discover, see Sensors and supported target systems in the TADDM Wiki.

Discovery process overview

The TADDM Administrator's Guide contains an overview of the discovery process, including information about how a sensor discovers configuration items (CIs) and how an application sensor is started.

Late-breaking updates

For late-breaking updates about TADDM 7.3.0 sensor support issues, see Release notes.

Sensor extensions

If you want to discover additional software that is not discovered by TADDM by default, you can create custom server templates. You can create your own templates or use predefined templates. For details, see Creating and managing custom server templates.