GUI JVM memory properties

These properties apply to GUI JVM memory.


The default value is 128m.

Initial heap size for the TADDM user interface.

The default value is 512m.

Maximum heap size for the TADDM user interface.

These properties are appropriate for a small TADDM domain. For the purposes of sizing, the following categories of TADDM servers are used (based on server equivalents):

  • Small: up to 1000 server equivalents
  • Medium: 1000 - 2500 server equivalents
  • Large: 2500 - 5000 server equivalents

Increasing these values for medium and large environments improve performance for some GUI operations. Some views do not complete properly if there is not sufficient memory available to TADDM at the time of the action.

For a medium environment:


The default value is 256m.


The default value is 768m.

For a large environment:


The default value is 512m.


The default value is 1024m.