Configuring bidirectional format for the bulk load program

To display data that is discovered with bidirectional data in different bidirectional formats, the TADDM discovery process transforms the bidirectional data into one format.

The script is used to start and run the Bulk Loader program from a command line on Linux®, or AIX® systems. The script needs several command line parameters:

-h hostname
-u user id
-p password
-f path+filename
-b on/auto/file
This option is used to enable and configure BiDi support for the bulk load program, according to the following parameters:
  • On: Turn on the BiDi transformation
  • Auto: Turn on automatic BiDi transformation
  • file: Enable and configure the imported CI using a BiDi configuration file
This parameter is also used to enable and configure BiDi support for the bulk load program:
With this parameter, a BiDi configuration window is displayed where you can configure a BiDi profile for each Management Software System (MSS). You can configure MSS using a pre-defined BiDi Profile or selecting an Automatic BiDi profile to turn on automatic BiDi transformation for this MSS. Using –b ON, you can open a window to see the Bulk Load BiDi configuration GUI. You are not able to use this option when you use Secure Shell to start it. This option is manual so it can not be used when you want to run the Bulk Load program silently.
With this parameter, the BiDi transformation is enabled and the BiDi format is detected automatically without any interaction from you.
With this paramater, BiDi configuration for each MSS is done using a BiDi configuration file. Create this file, in the $COLLATION_HOME/etc path.
In the bidi configuration file, configure each MSS to a pre-created BiDi Profile: MSS_Name = BiDI_PROFILE_NAME. This option requires the MSS and its BiDi configuration to be added to the bidi configuration file in advance. For configuring any MSS using “–b file” option which was already loaded into the TADDM database, the profile specified in BiDi configuration file is overrides the configuration specified in the TADDM database. The following warning will be printed in the bulkload.log file:
 "BIDI Warning: MSS_NAME has two BiDi configurations. 
The profile specified in properties file will override
the configuration specified in CMDB"

Complete the following steps to configure bidirectional format for the Bulk Load program:

  1. Log in with a user ID that gives you update permission.
  2. On the menu bar, click Edit > Bidi Profile and add a new BiDi profile.
  3. Run the loadidml script using the BiDi option ‘-b', and pass one of the following parameters to this option:
    • Auto –u administrator –p collation –b auto –f /sampleidml.xml 
    • On –u administrator –p collation –b on –f /sampleidml.xml 
    • file
      For example: –u administrator –p collation –b file 
      –f /sampleidml.xml