Synchronization server problems

This information covers common problems that occur with the synchronization server in a synchronization server deployment.

Access denied error when trying to access the domain

You uninstall and reinstall the enterprise domain, but a red X is displayed with the message access denied when you try to access the domain.
When you create a domain, a domain password is generated, and this password is required to identify and connect to the domain. The password is called the sslpassphrase in the $COLLATION_HOME/etc/ file for the domain. A new password is generated every time a domain is created. If you uninstall and reinstall a domain, the data and password in the synchronization server no longer matches the domain data or password.

To solve this problem, if you uninstall a domain, also delete it from the synchronization server. When you reinstall a domain, also add it to the synchronization server with the correct credentials, and synchronize the data in the newly installed domain.

A red X is displayed for the domain status

A red X is displayed for the domain status on the main Domain Summary page.
The synchronization server is trying to connect to the remote domain services registry. Either the domain password that was generated in the synchronization server when the domain was created is incorrect, or the forward and reverse lookups for the domain and the synchronization server do not match. Ensure that the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) on the Domain Summary page resolves to an IP address, which, when it is looked up, resolves back to this same FQDN.

Authentication on domain fails when connected to a synchronization server

The following error is displayed in the error logs:
[DelegationServerSocket.E.0] Security handshake failed, 
remote peer is not permitted to connect: [IP address]
The domain uses a different ServerID than expected. Set the ServerID by editing the com.collation.serverID property in the file. Also, ensure that the ServerID in Synchronization Server > Data Management Portal > Domain Management > Domain Host Name is set to the same value.

DomainImportCallback.E.63 error is displayed in synchronization logs

The following error is displayed in the synchronization logs:
[DomainImportCallback.E.63] The application received a remote domain
error with message: RemoteException occurred in server thread;
nested exception is:
The synchronization server must have connectivity to the remote TADDM database during the synchronization process. Database connectivity was lost during synchronization. Verify the database connectivity for your domain, and rerun the synchronization.

Time entered for scheduling a synchronization does not match next synchronization time

The time that was entered for scheduling a synchronization does not match the next synchronization time.
Your client and server clocks are not synchronized with a server that is compliant with the Network Time Protocol (NTP). The next synchronization time is the time, according to the time zone of the client, that the server has scheduled the synchronization. Synchronize the client or server with an NTP-compliant server.

Configuration information for NAT domains does not show up correctly

The configuration information for domains that use Network Address Translation (NAT) to communicate with the Internet does not show up correctly in the synchronization server.
Domains that use Network Address Translation (NAT) to communicate with the Internet are not supported in the synchronization server.

Topology views not updated immediately after a synchronization

The topology views are not updated immediately after a synchronization of the domain server with the synchronization server.

Depending on the amount of information to be synchronized, it might take a long time for topology views to be updated. After a synchronization has completed, the topology views are rebuilt. While this is happening, a cached copy of the topology views are displayed.

The up-to-date topology views are available after the following message is displayed in the log/services/ViewManager.log file:
CTJOX2001I View build is stopping

Synchronization fails with a CT_SNAPSHOT table error

Synchronization fails, and an error similar to the following is displayed in the $COLLATION_HOME/log/error.log:
2010-12-14 22:13:33,568 Synchronizer [TableThread$1]  
ERROR synchronizer.ConnWrapper - Exception creating prepared statement: 
SELECT guid_x FROM ct_snapshot WHERE guid_x=? 
This error indicates that the CT_SNAPSHOT table was not found on the synchronization server. Ensure that you run the command with no parameters on the synchronization server, and then restart TADDM. This creates the required snapshot table on the synchronization server.

For more information about setting up the snapshot table, see the Using snapshot reports in a synchronization server deployment.

Reports that use the CT_SNAPSHOT table fail after the upgrade

After you upgrade, when you run snapshot reports that use the CT_SNAPSHOT table, they fail.
You must run the snapshot tool to recreate the tables after you upgrade.