Topology building process overview

TADDM runs the topology building process on a periodic basis. Until the topology building process has completed after a discovery or after a bulk load operation, unreconciled objects might exist in the TADDM database, and the topology relationships might be incomplete.

This process is the same regardless of which type of TADDM deployment you use.

Topology building includes the following operations:
Cleaning up the TADDM database
The process deletes old entities, removes dependencies that are lacking sources or targets, and removes other items that are superseded.
Establishing dependencies between configuration items
The process creates dependencies between communicating processes, such as between an application and the underlying database and between sending and receiving WebSphere® MQ queues. It also establishes dependencies between parts of an application cluster, or simply between two computer systems.
Creating and augmenting configuration items
The process uses information from existing configuration items and connections to synthesize new configuration items. For example, TADDM might create a new configuration item that is called ApplicationServerClusters and is based on information that is derived from earlier discoveries and bulk load operations.
Creating information for topology views
The process generates and stores information that can be used by the Data Management Portal to display topology views more quickly.
Exporting data
The process queries the TADDM database to export configuration item information ito external systems. For example, integration with Registry Services is implemented as a topology agent.