Discovery profiles

To run a discovery, you must specify a discovery profile, which defines a set of options for discovery. Using discovery profiles, you can configure individual sensors, manage multiple configurations of the same sensor, choose the appropriate configuration based on a set of criteria, and manage sets of configurations of different sensors to be applied on a single discovery run.

By selecting the appropriate discovery profile, you can control the depth of discovery, or discovery level.

By default, TADDM provides four discovery profiles. Three are for the three levels of discovery that you can choose (Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3), depending on whether you want to do a credential-less or credentialed discovery. The remaining profile is for a utilization discovery.

If no profile is specified, the Level 3 discovery profile is used by default, although you can change the default profile in the Discovery Management Console.

For additional information on discovery profiles, see A Flexible Approach to Discovery on the TADDM wiki at!/wiki/Tivoli%20Application%20Dependency%20Discovery%20Manager/page/A%20Flexible%20Approach%20to%20Discovery.

Enabling and disabling sensors

You can globally disable a sensor even if the sensor has been enabled by a profile. You can also globally enable a sensor and allow the setting in the profile to work.

For example, if a sensor is globally enabled, and is enabled in the profile, the sensor runs. If the sensor is globally enabled, but is disabled in the profile, the sensor does not run when the respective profile is selected for running a discovery.

For the global enabling and disabling to work for sensors that have an osgi directory ($COLLATION_HOME/osgi/plugins), you must change the AgentConfigurations in the osgi directory.

For example, for the Db2Sensor, look for these directories:
  • $COLLATION_HOME/osgi/plugins/
  • $COLLATION_HOME/osgi/plugins/
where x.x.x is the sensor plugin version, for example 7.3.

When editing the XML files, to enable the sensor, set enabled to true. To disable the sensor, set enabled to false.

For sensors that do not use the osgi/plugins directory, the configuration information is stored in the sensor configuration XML file that is in the etc/discover-sensors directory.