Contacting IBM Support

IBM® Support provides assistance with product defects.

Before contacting IBM Support, your company must have an active IBM software maintenance contract, and you must be authorized to submit problems to IBM.

Complete the following steps to contact IBM Support with a problem:

  1. Define the problem, gather background information, and determine the severity of the problem. For help, see the Software Support Handbook,
  2. Gather diagnostic information.
    For information on how to use the automatic data collection feature in the IBM Support Assistant (ISA), see the ISA Web site at

    Also see Collecting information for IBM Support.

  3. Submit your problem to IBM Support in one of the following ways:
If the problem you submit is for a software defect or for missing or inaccurate documentation, IBM Support creates an Authorized Program Analysis Report (APAR). The APAR describes the problem in detail. Whenever possible, IBM Support provides a workaround that you can implement until the APAR is resolved and a fix is delivered. IBM publishes resolved APARs on the IBM Support web site daily, so that other users who experience the same problem can benefit from the same resolution.