Using the TADDM SDK as a software component

To integrate the TADDM SDK into an application or into an application server environment, you must set the compilation and runtime class paths, and set the access control.

The class paths point to the Java™ library that provides the Java API.

The TADDM SDK distribution also bundles the saxon and xalan libraries for XSLT and XQuery processing. You can use these libraries, or your own XML processing tools for XSLT and XQuery processing.

To integrate the SDK as a component, complete the following steps:

  1. Set the following class path at both compilation and runtime:
  2. Configure the access settings (user ID and password).

    To use the Java and CLI API, you must configure the access settings using the Data Management Portal. You can use the same user ID and password for API access and the Data Management Portal.

After upgrading from a previous TADDM release, you might need to update the class path to include the correct .jar files.

The .jar files in the $COLLATION_HOME/sdk/lib directory are also used by the TADDM server. Therefore, the SDK file should not be moved after installation. If you need to have the SDK files in a different location, you can extract them from the file on the product DVD.