Following assumptions have been considered into account for running the Discovery:

1. BigFix server and clients are having version mentioned in section 2.1.

2. BigFix clients have appropriate rights to execute the discovery task or action script uploaded by the BigFix server.

3. BigFix SQL Database User configured in must have READ access to BFEnterprise Database.

4. Sensor Script Packages executed via BigFix Agents will need write access to configured TEMP directory (e,g, “C:\Windows\Temp”). Temp directory can be configured in and assumed to have directory path without spaces.

5. Cleanup of script request package is not handled on TADDM discovery server, and its assumed that Administrator will manage them.

6. Since TADDM-BigFix Integration is based on currently existing ASD framework in TADDM, hence performance characteristics of this integration will be based on ASD framework benchmarks.

7. Only "taddmusr" can be used for running the BigFix discovery script on TADDM discovery server, and root user will not be permitted.

8. Bigfix Root Server cleanup will be invoked on each TADDM Startup and also periodically as per configured duration com.collation.bigfix.root.cleanup.interval = Default 1 day). This will delete result files older than configured time (com.collation.bigfix.root.cleanup.days = Default 5 days).

9. TADDM server cleanup of all result files created/copied on TADDM server during discovery and having name containing "taddmasd" and ending with "DONE" will be handled. (At least one threshold specified in Configurable Properties > Cleanup, should be configured to enable cleanup on TADDM server).

10. Endpoint Cleanup Discovery Endpoint cleanup is enabled by default and can be controlled by configuring below property setting:
  • "com.collation.bigfix.endpoint.cleanup" set to value “N” will disable cleanup on discovery endpoint

11. High Availability or Disaster Recovery scenario is not supported. A Discovery Server only connects with the single BigFix Server configured in its to launch this enhanced discovery process.