Troubleshooting the sensor

This topic describes common problems that occur with the IBM® HACMP sensor and presents solutions for those problems.

HACMP cluster is duplicated

A duplicate HACMP cluster might be created in the following scenario:
  1. A HACMP cluster is discovered.
  2. The HACMP cluster name is changed in the cluster configuration.
  3. The HACMP cluster is discovered again.
To resolve a situation where a HACMP cluster has been duplicated, using the Data Management Portal, delete the copy of the cluster that has the old cluster name.

Incorrect HACMP version returned

When discovering a HACMP cluster with the IBM HACMP sensor, the product version of the HACMP cluster might be incorrectly discovered as "0".
Because of an issue in the HACMP, the incorrect cluster version is sometimes returned.
To manually check the cluster version, run the following command on one of the HACMP cluster nodes:
 ssrc -ls clstrmgrES 
In the command output, check the version of the HACMP cluster, for example
local node vrmf is 0
If the correct cluster version is displayed, rediscover the HACMP.

Clstat and cldump commands do not work on nodes directly installed on AIX 6.1

When a HACMP cluster is installed on nodes that are directly installed on AIX® 6.1, the clstat and cldump commands do not work.
Download the fix for this problem at