Discovery sensor rates

You can use the discovery sensor rates that are listed to help estimate your discovery server configuration, based on your discovery requirements.

The information in this topic was gathered when discovery testing with 96 discovery worker threads (dwcount) running on the discovery servers. This value is three times higher than the default of 32. Higher dwcount values can be used, increasing the number of sensors that are running concurrently and the amount of data being stored.
The information uses the average sensor time per server, which can vary widely depending on which sensors run, and the breadth and depth of the objects being discovered.

The total sensor elapsed time is calculated in the following way: (Number of servers/dwcount) x average sensor time per server

The following table lists typical discovery sensor rates.
Table 1. Typical discovery sensor rates
Number of servers Average sensor time per server (in minutes) Number of discovery worker threads (dwcount) Total sensor elapsed time (in minutes) Total sensor elapsed time (in hours)
5,000 30 32 4,688 78
5,000 30 64 2,344 39
5,000 30 96 1,563 26
10,000 30 32 9,375 156
10,000 30 64 4,688 78
10,000 30 96 3,125 52