Configuring Windows gateways

You can configure Windows gateways for discovery when a firewall is present.

Both an anchor and a gateway are needed to discover Windows systems behind a firewall. The TADDM server uses SSH to communicate with the anchor behind the firewall. The anchor in turn uses SSH to communicate with the Windows gateway. The Windows gateway then uses Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) to discover the Windows targets. There must be one Windows gateway located in each network zone in which you want to discover Windows systems.

See Adding an anchor or gateway for information about defining Windows gateways using the Discovery Management Console.

If you are using both an anchor and a gateway on the same system, to resolve Cygwin issues add the following entry to the file:
Specifies whether to force the gateway to act independently of the anchor. Valid values are true and false. Set the value to true. When the value is set to true, an SSH session is used to transfer traffic between the gateway and anchor rather than a local session.