Running Script

To run discovery, script “” is to be executed from $COLLATION_HOME/bin. The script can be executed in 4 modes ‘discovery’, ‘poll’, ‘cleanup’ and ‘rediscovery’. In discovery mode, the discovery is started. In poll mode, current discovery status will be fetched. In cleanup mode, the result files cleanup will be triggered on BigFix root server and In rediscovery mode, the previously run Discovery can be executed again.

1. Discovery mode-

TADDM provides Jazz® for Service Management with a feeding service at the following address:
./ -d -o <output dir> -s <scope> -p <profile>
-d – for discovery mode
-o - output directory where discovery package would be created
-s – input scope, having BigFix endpoints target that are to be discovered.
-p – input profile, having sensors to be run
Once, the command is executed in discovery mode, the discovery is started. This will show you the status of the steps performed and will give an id of “Action”. This Action is can be used in poll mode to check the status of the Action at each BigFix endpoint
  • “ActionID” created for the discovery (shown in the console output, e.g. 2090 in below example) can be reused for polling purpose.
  • Please keep the newly created bigfix task’s name (“TaskName” shown in the console output, e.g. 20180130125432) associated with given scope and profile, which can be reused for rediscovery.

2. Poll mode-

./ -p -r <repetition> -i <Action id>

-p – for poll mode
-r – no of times polling will be done to BigFix server
-i - Action id obtained from discovery mode command.

3. Cleanup mode-

./ -c -d <No of Days>
-c – for cleanup mode
-d – Files older than specified number of days to be removed

4. Rediscovery mode-

./  -r/--rediscover -i <TaskName>
-r – for rediscover mode
-i – TASK NAME corresponding to the previous discovery, that needs to be run again 
Note: More detail about this command with all possible options is captured in Appendix B and an example for running the command is captured in Appendix C.