Creating a Microsoft SQL Server user

To more completely discover Microsoft SQL Server instances on remote computer hosts, create a Microsoft SQL server user.

To create a Microsoft SQL server user, complete the following steps:

  1. Create a Microsoft SQL server user with db_datareader role privileges and VIEW_ANY_DEFINITION permission. This might need to be completed by the Microsoft SQL server administrator.
  2. In the Discovery Management Console, complete the following steps to add the user name and password for the Microsoft SQL server user in the TADDM server access list:
    1. In the toolbar, click Discovery > Access List.
      The Access List pane is displayed.
    2. Click Add.
      The Access Details window is displayed.
    3. In the Access Details window, enter the following information:
      1. In the Component Type list, select Database.
      2. In the Vendor list, select Microsoft SQL server.
      3. Enter the Name, User Name, and Password.
    4. Click OK to save your information.
      The Access List pane is displayed with the new information.