Configuring for discovery using the Secure Shell (SSH)

The TADDM server can connect to either OpenSSH (version 1 or 2) or to the vendor-supplied version of SSH that is provided with the operating system.

The TADDM server supports the following authentication methods:

  • SSH2 key-based login (RSA or DSA key) and SSH1 key-based login (RSA only)
  • User name and password using SSH2, and user name and password using SSH1

Although you can use any of the authentication methods, the SSH2 key-based login is preferred. The server automatically tries each method in the order listed previously and uses the first method that works successfully. The TADDM server then uses the same method with that host for the entire discovery run.

Note: For SSH2 key-based login, the TADDM server attempts login only with one key, RSA or DSA, whichever is found on the TADDM server. If both keys exist, only RSA is used.