Configuring System p and System i

Discovery of an IBM® Power5 technology-based system (System p or System i®) and its logical partitions is done through a management console. TADDM supports two types of management consoles: the Hardware Management Console (HMC) and the Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM).

TADDM discovers the management console using SSH. The discovery scope must include the IP address of the management console and the Access List must include an entry of type Computer System with the proper credentials (user name and password) specified.

In addition to the user credentials, the discovery user must be defined on the management console with the following minimal permissions:

  • Hardware Management Console (HMC)
    • For an HMC management console, a user based on the hmcoperator role is needed. For example, create a new role called taddmViewOnly based on the hmcoperator role. In addition, the following command line tasks must be assigned to the new role:
      Managed System
      Needed to use the lshwres and lssyscfg commands
      Logical Partition
      Needed to use the lshwres, lssyscfg, and viosvrcmd commands.
      HMC Configuration
      Needed to use the lshmc comand.
  • Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM).

    For an IVM management console, a user with the View Only role is needed.