Configuring for Level 2 discovery

In addition to the requirements for Level 1 discovery, Level 2 discovery requires configuration to support discovery of detailed host configuration information.

If the target systems are IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring endpoints that are discovered by the IBM Tivoli Monitoring Scope sensor, the credentials for those target systems are not required for Level 2 discovery. For more information, see the following sources:
On the target operating systems (computer systems) that you want TADDM to discover, at a minimum, you must configure the following software:
Secure Shell (SSH)
You can use either OpenSSH or the vendor-supplied version of SSH that is provided with the operating system. For more information about Windows operating systems, see Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) dependency.
SUNWscpu (Solaris environment only)
To provide complete information about processes, install the SUNWscpu (Source Compatibility) package.
LiSt Open Files (lsof)
To provide complete information on dependencies, install the LiSt Open Files (lsof) program according to the requirements in lsof requirements in the TADDM Wiki at