Running a basic discovery

After you set up an initial scope for the discovery and establish an access list for your computing systems, you are ready to run a basic discovery.

Important: Running a discovery against a very large scope can lead to performance issues, including server crash.

To run a discovery, complete the following steps from the Discovery Management Console:

  1. From the menu bar, click Discovery > Overview. The Overview pane is displayed.
  2. To start the discovery, click Run Discovery. The Run Discovery window is displayed.
  3. In the Run Discovery window, select Selected Scope Elements from the Scope menu, and then select from the tree the scopes to include in the discovery. You can run discovery against scope elements, scope sets and groups of scopes.
  4. From the Profile list, select the discovery profile to use during the discovery run. See Using discovery profiles for more information about discovery profiles.
  5. To run the discovery, click OK.

After you start a discovery, and while the discovery is running, you can view the Discovery Overview to view details of your discovery.

See Setting up a discovery for a scenario-driven approach to discovery.