Hardware scaling guidelines

You can use the sample configurations as a guideline for selecting the components for your TADDM implementation.

The guidelines assume that you are running Level 3 discoveries. To optimize discovery throughput, the storage servers should be 100% in use. If they are not, additional discovery servers can be added or the dwcount value can be increased on the existing discovery servers, if they have spare capacity. If a storage server has spare capacity, you can increase the topopumpcount value. When the storage servers are 100% in use, to increase throughput, increase the number of storage servers.
If UI performance becomes poor when running data load operations (for example, sensor discovery or bulk load), you can dedicate storage servers to UI, API, or report operations. If you want discovery servers to use other storage servers, instead of a particular storage server when persisting results, you can set the following property value to true on that storage server:
Typically, you set this property value to true on the primary storage server or any other storage server dedicated to UI, API, or report operations.