Configuring the file entries

This topic lists the file entries that the sensor uses.

The default value is lib/oracleapp.

This property specifies the location of the Oracle Application Server libraries on the TADDM server.

You can specify an absolute or relative path for the directory location. If the value for this property is a relative path directory, the relative path is appended to the $COLLATION_HOME path.

The default value is true, which means that the processes that are listening on loopback interfaces are ignored. Therefore, if a server is listening only on the loopback IP address (, and not on any other externally available IP address, that server will not be discovered.

This property controls the discovery of external IP addresses.

If the value of this property is set to false, all processes with listening ports are considered for discovery.

You must set this property to true if you want to discover an Oracle Application Server or the WebLogic sensors. For example, if the WeblogicServerVersionSensor sensor tries to start using a local host address, this property must be set to true.