Discovered Components pane

After you run a discovery, you can use the Discovered Components pane to view a list of discovered components and launch views with more detailed information about the components.

Using the Discovered Components pane, you can do the following tasks:
  • Find a configuration item (CI) by navigating to it through the Inventory Summary link or the Custom Query link.
  • Find a CI by typing all or some of the name in the Filter field. CIs, within the current category, that contain the filtered text are displayed. You cannot use wildcard symbols as part of the filter text.
  • Page forwards or backwards through the list of displayed CIs. You can also specify the number of a particular page to display and configure the number of CIs to display in each page.
  • Click the name of a CI to display information about it in the Details pane.
  • Select the check box beside the CI name to select the CI. You can select one or more CI at a time.
  • Select an action from the Actions list to perform an action on one or more selected CI.
  • Click Cart to add selected CIs to the cart. By adding CIs to the cart, you can perform actions on multiple CIs whether they exist in the Inventory Summary hierarchy or are in the Custom Query list.
  • Remove one or all CIs from the cart.
  • Show dependent components, type of components in the dependent relationship, and see how the components were created.
Note: The icon for some custom servers might not be displayed in the Discovered Components pane.
The Discovered Components pane contains the following information:
Displays the content of the cart. If the contents of the cart is currently being displayed, it returns to the discovered component view.
If one or more CI is selected or the cart is not empty, the list contains valid actions. The actions displayed depends on the number and type of CI selected or contained in the cart. Some of the following actions are displayed:
Add to cart
Adds the selected CI or CIs to the cart.
Change History
Displays a pane for generating a Change History report. A Change History report identifies changes for components over a specified time.
Compare Across Versions
Displays a pane where you can generate a report that compares the selected component against previous versions of the same component.
Compare Components
Displays a pane where you can compare the selected components with other similar components.
Deletes the selected CI or CIs.
Displays the Edit Component window.
Empty cart
Empties the cart.
Displays, using the node centered topology wizard, a graph detailing the dependencies between CIs.
Merges the selected CIs.
Rediscovers the selected CI or CIs.
Remove from cart
Removes the selected CI or CIs from the cart.
Show Dependencies
Displays the Dependencies window.
Show Details
Displays detailed information about the selected component in the Details pane.
Show Inventory Summary
Displays the inventory summary for selected business applications or collections.
Show System Connection Topology
Displays a graphical report of any directly connected computer system.
Show Topology
Displays the topology graph.
Show ci_type Topology
Displays a specialized topology for a particular CI type.
Unknown Servers
Displays a pane where you can view the unknown servers running on the computer system. You can define a custom server based on an unknown server so that it can be discovered.
Custom Queries
Contains saved custom queries. You can select one or more CI returned by a custom query.
Inventory Summary
Contains CIs, grouped in the following categories:
  • App Servers
  • Clusters
  • Composites
  • Computer Systems
  • Custom Servers
  • Database Servers
  • Messaging Servers
  • Network Elements
  • Other Servers
  • Services
  • Storage
  • Unknown IPs
  • Web Servers
Note: With data-level security enabled, when you have restricted access to CIs, in the Discovered Components pane you can see only the CIs that you have access to, including business applications and collections.
Leftwards arrow to bar icon
Displays the first page.
Leftwards arrow icon
Displays the previous page.
Page number field
You can enter the number of the page you want to display.
Rightwards arrow icon
Displays the next page.
Rightwards arrow to bar icon
Displays the last page.
Wrench icon
Displays the "Change the page size" window in which you can select the number of CIs to be displayed in each page.