General configuration

The general section of the configuration file defines additional logging level details and maximum hops number.


The general configuration consists of the following parameters:

This parameter defines how far from the core CI the composition engine can go during building an application. The value defines the number of elements.
Important: The elements that are not visible as the elements of the business application are not skipped. For more information, see Composition configuration.
The default value of this parameter is 10.
Fix Pack
1 firstTierOnly
This parameter specifies how many tiers are processed in search for specified elements. This parameter applies only to the XML configuration of the grouping pattern. The elements that are found by the selector of the grouping pattern are assigned to tiers based on the conditions specified by the tiers. When this parameter is set to true, and the elements match the conditions of a tier, the remaining tiers are ignored. When this parameter is set to false, even when elements that match conditions of one tier are found, other tiers are also processed. Therefore, it is possible that one element is assigned to many tiers, if it matches all tiers conditions.
The default value of this parameter is true.
This parameter specifies the details level of logs when the INFO level is set. For example, it allows you to obtain more details for business applications in the log files without switching to the DEBUG level. The following levels are available:
  • NOINFO - no information.
  • DEFAULT - information about starting and stopping a business application only.
  • GENERAL - the DEFAULT information and core CI data.
  • DETAILS - the GENERAL information and composition engine traversal route details.
  • MAXINFO - maximum detail level, currently the same as for the DETAILS level.