Encrypting passwords

Password encryption prevents unauthorized access to clear text passwords. Encrypted passwords ensure a secure connection between TADDM and the integration plugin.

To encrypt the password, complete the following steps:
  1. In the collation.properties file, locate the com.collation.integrationplugin.taddm.password property and, if any value exists for this property, delete it. Then, enter a new password.
  2. Locate the $COLLATION_HOME/bin directory/encryptprops.sh file, and then run the script to encrypt the password.
  3. Copy the encrypted password from the com.collation.integrationplugin.taddm.password property.
  4. In the <IntegrationPlugin path>/resources/config/taddm_snow/taddm.properties file, locate the taddmPassword property and enter the encrypted password.
  5. Restart the plugin to apply the changes.