Basic Configurations for Bigfix Discovery

1. Set the following mandatory properties in the $COLLATION_HOME/etc/

BigFix Integration Feature Settings
BigFix Server Settings
  •<ip or fqdn of the BigFix server>
  • com.collation.bigfix.port=<port_no>
  • com.collation.bigfix.uid=<userid for BigFix server console access>
  • com.collation.bigfix.pwd=<password to access BigFix server console>
BigFix DB Settings
  • com.collation.bigfix.db.type=<MSSQL/DB2>
  •<IP or FQDN of the BigFix server DB>
  • com.collation.bigfix.db.port=<Port at which TADDM will connect with BigFix DB>
  • com.collation.bigfix.db.dbname=<BigFix DB name>
  • com.collation.bigfix.db.domain=<User Domain> Optional Parameter - only required when Windows Based authentication is configured for BigFix DB>
  • com.collation.bigfix.db.uid=<User id to access the BigFix DB>
  • com.collation.bigfix.db.pwd=<Password to access the BigFix DB>
Result Processing Thread Settings

2. Set the following properties in the $COLLATION_HOME/etc/, only in case SSL configuration is enabled on BigFix Server:

Bigfix Certificate
  • com.collation.bigfix.certificate.type=<PKCS12/JKS>
  • com.collation.bigfix.certificate.file=<Full path to the certificate file>
  • com.collation.bigfix.certificate.pwd=<Password to use Certificate>
Note: There are more properties apart from these mandatory properties that can be configured. Please refer 'Configurable Properties' for complete list of properties and their details.
Fix Pack
6Note: Certificate generated with Blank password is supported.

3. Execute script “” to encrypt the properties (refer 'Example of scripts execution' to check format for running this script). Otherwise, Discovery scripts ( will fail with missing or Invalid arguments error (refer 'Error Codes and Description' for error code details), since non-encrypted passwords are not accepted.

4. Create $COLLATION_HOME/var/asdd folder to store the result files at TADDM. If var or asdd folder is not to be used then property “” must be set with specific folder where administrator wants the result files to be downloaded.

5. Restart TADDM.

6. Create a Discovery Profile with the required sensors listed in section 2.1. The profile should have Mandatory sensors, in addition to other sensors that are being discovered.

7. Create a discovery scope with BigFix target endpoint(s) where discovery needs to be run.