Adding the discovery source

In the ServiceNow interface, data migrated from the TADDM CMDB are identified by the discovery Source type. Default value of the Discovery Source type is IBM TADDM. This helps to distinguish data migrated from other discovery sources.

This task describes the procedure to configure discovery source at the ServiceNow instance. If you are configuring for the first time, you can use the default value of discoverySource to configure the ServiceNow instance. This task also describes the procedure of how to customize the value of discovery source.

  1. Log in to the ServiceNow instance.
  2. In the Filter navigator search-field, enter System Definition.
  3. In the search list, under the System Definition, click Tables.
  4. In the Go To field, select Name from the list, and then enter cmdb_ci in the search field and press enter to search.
  5. Click the label-link corresponding to cmdb_ci.
  6. On the Columns tab, in the Go To field, select Column label from the list, and then enter Discovery source.
  7. Click Discovery source.
  8. Under the related links, click the Choices tab, and then click New.
  9. Fill the following fields:
    Enter an appropriate value.
    Either enter an appropriate value (use this value for the discoverySource property) or enter IBM TADDM if you are configuring the plugin for the first time and you want to use the default value “IBM TADDM”.
  10. Click Submit.

If you are customizing the discovery source value, complete the following steps. On the integration plugin interface:

  1. Open the file and then locate the discoverySource property.
  2. Set the value for the discoverySource property as discoverySource = <Enter the same value that is set in the Value field>.
  3. Restart the plugin to apply the changes.