OSLC REST interface

A REST interface is available in TADDM for Open Services Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC). You can use the OSLC REST interface to get information about registered configuration items (CIs), their attributes, and change history.

You can get information about CI attributes only if the attributes are supported by the Common Resource Type Vocabulary (CRTV) or TADDM vocabulary.

Each valid request must have a GUID that identifies the concrete CI.

There are two service types:
Configuration service
This service provides an interface to retrieve extended attributes for a CRTV resource.
Change history service
This service provides an interface to retrieve change history for a specified period of time, for a CRTV resource.
For each service, you can view the following three types of content:
  • RDF representation
  • OSLC compact view
  • HTML preview
The following URL is the base address:
  • port is the port, on which the Tomcat server (TADDM 7.3.0) or WAS Liberty Profile server (TADDM, and later) listens. The default value is 9430.
  • provider_name is one of the following two values, depending on which service you want to use:
    • configuration
    • changehistory
  • ci_guid is the ID of the CI in TADDM
To view the HTML preview for a CI, use the following URL:
  • http[s]://taddm_host:port/cdm/oslc/provider_name/ci_guid/preview

The OSLC REST interface accepts only HTTP-GET requests. You can use the HTTP accept header to specify the returned content type.

To view the OSLC compact view for the given CI, specify the following accept header:
You view the RDF representation of the given CI, specify the following accept header:
This is the default behavior if no value is provided for the accept header.