Solution Architecture

TADDM-BigFix integration is based on enhancing and automating the current behaviour of Asynchronous Script Discovery (ASD) which requires manual intervention from TADDM administrator. This integration utilizes the connectivity that BigFix infrastructure provides to the firewalled zone machines for running the discovery through the TADDM script packages.

In ASD, TADDM administrator must perform the following steps manually:
  1. Executes a script at TADDM server to create a discovery package that includes all the sensors to be run on target.
  2. Transfer this package to the target system.
  3. Execute the discovery package at target system.
  4. Transfer the result file generated at target system back to TADDM server.

With the current solution, the manual steps have been automated and thus the solution is also termed as Automated Asynchronous Script Discovery (AASD). TADDM administrator just has to execute a script to start the discovery at TADDM server and rest steps are performed automatically.