Troubleshooting the sensor

This topic describes common problems that occur with the AWS sensor and presents solutions for those problems.

The sensor fails with description 'CTJTD1595E Error – No AWS credentials configured in TADDM Access List'

No AWS account credentials may be configured in the TADDM Access List.
Validate on TADDM Discovery Management Console UI in “Discovery > Access List” whether any AWS specific credentials have been configured or not.

The sensor fails with description 'CTJTD1596E Error – No AWS account discovered, please verify sensor configuration'

The problem may occur because of some erroneous configuration while executing AWS sensor.
Validate the configuration settings for AWS sensor on TADDM Discovery Management console UI. The settings may be related to:
  • URL correctness
  • Access list credential correctness
  • AWS Sensor configuration properties
  • Network connectivity issue (public AWS URL may not be reachable from TADDM server)

Anchor sensor fails with description 'CTJTD0060E The discover operation for the anchor sensor is unable to find or create an anchor: CTJTD2072E An error occurred. The server cannot install the Java SDK on the remote host. CTJTD2231E The file is not copied. CTJTP1127E The copy command fails for the following target: InputStreamPipe closed'.

The problem may occur because of timeout happening while trying to copy file to remote anchor server.
Validate for any network connectivity issues between TADDM discovery server and the remote Anchor server.
If file transfer was ongoing and the timeout occurs due to large file size, try changing the default value of 360000 minutes to a higher value (say, 1500000) for below property in file:
Restart TADDM process once the property value is updated.