Rediscover command

The rediscover command rediscovers objects.

Note: Before you run the rediscovery, make sure that the com.collation.rediscoveryEnabled parameter is set to true. The objects that you want to rediscover must be previously discovered at least once.

Command syntax|api.bat-u|--useruser-p|--passwordpassword rediscover guid1 [guid2 guid3 ... guidn]


Runs the rediscover command.
guid1 [guid2 guid3 ... guidn]
Are the GUIDs of the objects to rediscover.


The following command rediscovers objects with specified GUIDs. Enter the command on one line.

./ -u administrator -p collation rediscover 4C778F231DB03FCF815E38EAD7CB1D66 B609D10039C23AE9A51E433EC311A9EE F503F3B70DF93587A635D574A78B248A