Import command

The import command imports data into the TADDM database.

Command syntax|api.bat-u|--useruser-p|--passwordpassword [-H|--hosthost] [-P|--portport] [-T|--truststorefile] import [--timeouttime] [--mssguidmss-guid--mssnamemss-name] [--maxfilesizesize] local-directory-to-read-data-from


Runs the import command.
--timeout time
Is the timeout value, useful for large file imports. Specify the value in seconds.
--mssguid mss-guid|--mssname mss-name
Is the GUID or the name of the Management Software System with which the imported data is associated.
Is the name of the directory from which the data is imported.


This command imports data into TADDM. The command attempts to import all files in the specified directory. If the command encounters an invalid XML file, it returns an exception but the command continues importing. -u user -p password -H host import directory/