Export command

The export command exports data for top-level model objects in the TADDM database.

Command syntax

api.sh|api.bat-u|--useruser-p|--passwordpassword [-H|--hosthost] [-P|--portport] [-T|--truststorefile] export [--mssguidmss-guid|--mssnamemss-name] [--maxfilesizesize] local-directory-to-write-data


Runs the export command.
--mssguid mss-guid|--mssname mss-name
Is the GUID or the name of the Management Software System. Only data that is associated with the specified MSS is exported.
You can find the Management Software System name in the UI. Go to the Details pane of a model object and open the MSS Info tab. Subcomponent Instance Name is the Management Software System name, for example LinuxComputerSystemSensor. If you want to export all objects that are discovered by this sensor, run the following command:
export --mssName LinuxComputerSystemSensor
If you want to find both name and GUID of the Management Software System, run the following command:
api.sh -u user -p password find -d 1 ManagementSoftwareSystem 
As a result, you get a list of model objects with a specific set of information, for example:
<ManagementSoftwareSystem array="1"
    guid="MY_GUID" xsi:type="coll:com.collation.platform.model.topology.process.ManagementSoftwareSystem">
In this example, the MSS GUID is MY_GUID and the MSS name is IvmSensor. If you want to run the export command with this data, use one of the following commands:
export --mssguid MY_GUID
export --mssname IvmSensor
Note: In case of GUID, use the correct value from the API query.
--maxfilesize size
Is the maximum size of the exported files, in bytes.
Is the name of the directory to which the data is exported.


This command exports top-level model objects to the specified directory:
api.sh -u user -p password -H host export directory/