Component Comparison: Results pane

The Component Comparison: Results pane contains a comparison of the configuration attributes of two, or more, components.

The Component Comparison: Results pane contains the following sections:

Configuration Entities
A hierarchical list of all the common configuration attributes of the components that are included in the comparison.
Two or more components, presented one per column, detailing the configuration and parameter information. You can scan the results to perform a quick comparison. The second column contains the values of the key component, with key values highlighted in the color gold. The rest of the columns represent the remaining components participating in the comparison.

Each row represents a configuration attribute for a given type of component. The key component value for an attribute is examined, and it is compared to the other component values, and creates a row if any differences are found using the following conventions:

  • Values that are different from the key are highlighted in the color red.
  • When a value is the same as the key value, the cell is left blank.
  • When all components match the key value, the row is not displayed at all. A row is created only when it finds a difference.
  • When a cell value in any component other than the key contains [Not Set], this attribute was set in the key but not in the particular component. Conversely, when the key contains [Not Set] for an attribute, it means that it was set for other components but not in the key component.
  • To display a dialog box highlighting specific changes, you can click the values that are underlined.

A checksum value is calculated when it finds differences in configuration file content compared to the key, and puts that number (a link, highlighted in the color blue) into the results table.

The application does not list the actual file contents in the results. Clicking a checksum number causes an on-demand file comparison, creating a line-by-line comparison of the configuration file contents.