Securing the environment

In secure environments, TADDM enforces authentication to help protect confidential information.

You can use the Data Management Portal to configure user accounts. Each user must have a valid user account to use the Data Management Portal to access discovered information about network and infrastructure components.

When you log in to the Discovery Management Console and select the Establish a secure (SSL) session option, all data is encrypted (including user names and passwords) before it is sent over the network.
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5Note: If the check box Establish a secure (SSL) session is selected while launching Discovery Management Console, TADDM server must be running in secure mode. To do that, the property should be set to true.

In the discovery process, the TADDM server uses Secure Shell (SSH) protocol to securely communicate with all computer hosts and other devices that support SSH.

The server supports both key-based SSH authentication, and login-based, password-based SSH authentication. When login-based, password-based SSH authentication is used, the user names and passwords that you define in the access list are used to log in to the computer hosts to be discovered.

See also Security properties.